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As a now sophmore in highschool, I can relate on some level on what you were going through, but at the same time I was pretty close to the same people I was always with so they kinda helped me through it. Really awesome animation, and I like how you tell stories. The only thing I felt was a bit awkward were the pauses after speaking. Some of them felt a bit too long, but I still really really enjoyed the animation!

The joke was funny, and the art and animation was smooth. Your style is really unique and I loved the expressions on each of the characters.

Informant responds:

thank you :)

The animation was awesome, and original. The audio was clear, and the expressions were easy to follow.

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I quite like the blips and bloops in the beginning. The synth sounds really clear and has very good direction. The main thing is it took a bit to get to the meat of the song which was towards the end. I quite like the percussion and high hats. It really pushes the song forward. I am excited to hear more from you!

Really enjoyed what you did with the synths and the bassline literally rumbled my headphones. I have never felt anything like it and the melody line when the song got closer into it was freaking awesome. Loved the filter effects and the reverb! The only complaint I have is their is literally no structure to the song and it was more of an experiment than anything,but nevertheless it was a really awesome listen.

Ultraconsole responds:

Thank you so much!
This was my first jam using the ms 20 and you can get some really awesome sounds from it. I am glad you enjoyed it!

I really dig the bassline you used and the melody line that pushed the whole song. Everything seemed eq'ed correctly and fell into its designated place. The song reminded me of something I would hear at a loading screen. The song got repetitive after a while, but I felt like it kept changing percussion wise. The middle transition was interesting. I liked how the kick changed from a four on the floor beat to a more dubstepy type beat. The one thing that would have made this song more colorful would be another lead, but overall it sounded fine without it. Good work!

aCeta responds:

I agree, something is missing from this. Don't know how I would implement it, although I want to.

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I can tell this submission took you a lot of time and effort, and I really like the outcome. The pose is really awesome, and I love the shading techniques you used. It adds a certain mood and tone to the piece. I feel that the character's top half though is stiff if that makes sense. I really like the flapping motions of his belt/pants thing though. It adds a certain realism to the piece. All and all, I think it is well done.

FudgeMellow responds:

Yeah, it took a lot of research to figure out what the character's equipment actually looked like and translate it into the correct pose. Glad the shading & bottom of the tunic came out particularly nice though.

As a stand-alone piece, the tension in the character really doesn't make sense, & I admit that. I planned to pair this drawing with another that I have yet to do of Malik. The two characters have a lot of emotional tension between the two & I was hoping to pair the poses to convey that.

Thank you so much for the review & critique, glad you liked it.

Amazing picture. Love the expression, and how realistic the face looks. Amazing!

Freaking awesome. I love the detail on the hammer, and on the armor. It is an interesting style, and details everything really well.

Brakkenimation responds:

Had fun drawing it, so I'm glad you like it :)

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